Recipe for a Successful Business Launch

magine staring at a table full of great mouth watering produce, fresh oven baked bread, herbs a plenty, local farm raised beef, chicken or fish, the best cooking equipment possible and perhaps a great bottle of wine or two. Your culinary vision includes creating a lightly spiced, yet full flavored appetizer followed by an entrée basked in flavors and aromas from hours of tedious preparation and then completing this extravaganza with a delectable dessert that leaves one satiated, yet wanting more.

There is one small problem with this vision, you are an extremely successful entrepreneur, but a novice in the kitchen. How then do you create this meal? Where do you start? Do you try the recipes once before making them for friends and loved ones? Who will teach you basic knife skills, how to pick the best ingredients for each dish and how to nurture each ingredient to its fullest potential? These are just a few questions you are faced with in your quest to create the perfect meal.

You decide to venture into the culinary world on a

Invest In Yourself and Save Money

Start Investing in Yourself today and feel healthier and more in control of your healthcare costs and finances. The first step is to take the Invest in Yourself Challenge. It is time to examine your life and what you term your “comfort zone”. Now ask yourself if your “comfort zone” is good or bad for your overall health. Everyone likes to feel comfortable but have you learned to be comfortable doing things that may be contributing to compromised health. Do you overeat when you are feeling an emotion? Are you comfortable with your present weight? Do you know what your body mass index is and if you are in the normal or risky category? Do you know your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels? Do you know what your family history is? I know a lot of questions and why are they so important?

Your lifestyle does affect your health and compromising health costs you money. Hopefully you have health insurance but the average person still needs to pay some of the balances not paid by your health insurance.

Playing the Management Role

As a manager, you use 80% of your time managing and 20% doing the things that you have to do yourself. In actuality, you spend that 80% of your time in fulfilling various managerial roles, depending on tasks at hand, expectations and circumstances. There are roles that you play most often, some occasionally, some rarely, and some not at all (or not yet). Understanding these roles is the first step towards recognizing your current management skills, especially those where you are weak at, and improving them.

One of your major roles is an informational role. You have to communicate effectively to your staff your organization’s strategic goals and objectives, in order for them to recognize how they contribute to the achievement of those goals and objectives. You have to clearly provide necessary information or instructions to your subordinates. You need to disseminate, within and outside of your own organization, useful information concerning your organization. You need to seek current developments in the industry/field you are in and share them with your colleagues and team.

To effectively fulfill your informational role, it is evident that you need to develop and master good communication skills. This means honing

Action, the Only Key to All Your Doors in Life

Before we go into more details, there is a question I would like to ask you. Do you have anybody in your circle of friends whom you think is smart and is capable of achieving big things in life but didn’t head out to achieve the success they deserve?

I was one of them. Maybe because of my blessed background as compared to the rest, I was in a better position than they were. I didn’t have much problems with family or finances. My friends all think that I was different from the rest and I will be successful in whatever I do. I am thankful and grateful their expectations and their blessings. However, I wasn’t living up to their standards, instead I was complacent and I took a long time to crave out the path I wanted. Today, I am still on my way there, but I’m a sore loser of giving up. It is hard for me to give up on the things I have decided to pursuit. That is a blessing!

It took me many years to finally realise that, I was living a dream. I started out from attending my first seminar

How To Start Something New

Not too long ago, I celebrated my birthday in the Bahamas.

What I found interesting is that people, even when I am on vacation, are curious. My fiancée and I met people and during the course of conversations some found out that I was successfully doubling my enterprise’s performance this year over last year. And, they would ask me questions. Some even told me how they were interested in beginning their own social enterprise or business and others mentioned that they wanted to start on a project but just could not figure out where to begin.

I have been there. Sometimes, it can seem daunting, but it really boils down to one step at a time to start something new.

I told the people who engaged me in this sort of conversation while I was in the Bahamas that they first had to have an idea they were passionate in seeing come alive. I can’t say how important this is because there will be challenges and setbacks along the way. If you don’t really have the passion for seeing your vision and idea through to the end, then it will be very easy to simply

Protecting Yourself With Asset Protection

Whether it be Asset Protection or Asset Allocation. Managing your finances should be a priority. You need to be aware of your rights and safety’s that you may find. One needs to keep an eye on things as personal property.

One may be looking to protect themselves during a divorce or other unforeseen occurrence. These occurrences may come up at the worst of times. Like most things in life, That is usually when they happen.

There are legal means that you may be able to take in your state or jurisdiction to control these unforeseen events. Knowing that you have rights and what they are can be categorized as an Asset Protection .

Knowing how to do these things can be called an Asset Management or Allocation. The more you know about your rights in these instances can protect you from possibly losing your home. Or worse yet everything that an Attorney can get there hands on.

Asset Protection and knowing how to implement it can save your life. You can use Asset Protection to make sure that your Asset’s aren’t taken from you. These can be from lawsuits, Medical bills. Even if you

Some Basic Financial Terms Explained

There are so many terms used in the finance industry. Far too many to include in an article, besides listing them all would not make for interesting reading. Instead you will find some basic financial terms that are more commonly used and most useful to you. These will help you in your quest to learn more about financial matters. Please note that they are not alphabetical as the terms follow from vocabulary used within the explanations

Let us start with asset, asset class and asset allocation. An asset is an item that has a value that can be measured in terms of money. It can be converted into cash such as bank deposits, shares or property. Assets are generally considered in terms of asset classes. An asset class is the group to which an asset belongs and the main groups are considered to be: cash, fixed interest, property, shares. There are other classes even within those basic groups.

When talking in terms of asset allocation this is the design of a plan to invest in various asset classes which best meet the needs and objectives of the investor as well as their tolerance to risk. It