Invest In Yourself and Save Money

Start Investing in Yourself today and feel healthier and more in control of your healthcare costs and finances. The first step is to take the Invest in Yourself Challenge. It is time to examine your life and what you term your “comfort zone”. Now ask yourself if your “comfort zone” is good or bad for your overall health. Everyone likes to feel comfortable but have you learned to be comfortable doing things that may be contributing to compromised health. Do you overeat when you are feeling an emotion? Are you comfortable with your present weight? Do you know what your body mass index is and if you are in the normal or risky category? Do you know your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels? Do you know what your family history is? I know a lot of questions and why are they so important?

Your lifestyle does affect your health and compromising health costs you money. Hopefully you have health insurance but the average person still needs to pay some of the balances not paid by your health insurance. Do you know the average middle income person who has health insurance and develops a single disease, such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease, approximately 46% of them will have to claim bankruptcy. Yes, it is hard to believe but true. The associated costs of an illness can deplete your savings in no time. But, according to national research the average person is saving o% these days. The average out of pocket expenses are rising as we speak to approximately $2100 per year and that is up from $1200 last year. Healthcare is not going to be getting any cheaper so the only way for you to control and contain these costs is to Invest in Yourself and implement these strategies for life: take time for self,maintain height/weight ratio,motion, life ergonomics, 5 food group menu planner , destress daily and positive body image.You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be the best you can be. Maintain your independence,optimal health and finances and Invest in Yourself right now. Do not waste another precious moment. Your Life, Health and finances are dependent on it.