Action, the Only Key to All Your Doors in Life

Before we go into more details, there is a question I would like to ask you. Do you have anybody in your circle of friends whom you think is smart and is capable of achieving big things in life but didn’t head out to achieve the success they deserve?

I was one of them. Maybe because of my blessed background as compared to the rest, I was in a better position than they were. I didn’t have much problems with family or finances. My friends all think that I was different from the rest and I will be successful in whatever I do. I am thankful and grateful their expectations and their blessings. However, I wasn’t living up to their standards, instead I was complacent and I took a long time to crave out the path I wanted. Today, I am still on my way there, but I’m a sore loser of giving up. It is hard for me to give up on the things I have decided to pursuit. That is a blessing!

It took me many years to finally realise that, I was living a dream. I started out from attending my first seminar conducted by Anthony Robbins. I have no idea who he was and I have never read his book before, it just occurred to me when my friend asked if I was interested to go, and I went. After Anthony Robbins’ seminar, I embarked on to learn so much more on self development, I was to achieve great things in life. Later on, I was so focused and drawn into the Laws of Attraction when it was introduced in The Secret DVD was selling, which I immediately bought the video online.

Thoughts are physical things that will always and always come true when we put in our focus drawn from our intention. The most famous book of all time, Think and Grow Rich was amazing. I followed it vigorously on imagining and thinking of growing rich every single day. I know and focus on the things I want in life. However, things aren’t moving the way I have put my attention and focus to. Why? Because the most important ingredient was never in place and forgotten for success. It is Action.

It took me a couple of years to realise what was missing. I knew that I need a good mentor, but I wasn’t really active in pursuing it. I was impatient for success, I thought that if I implement the laws of attractions. I will and can overcome all problems and issues arising, magically.

It took me quite awhile to realise all these, but it was all worth it. In life there is nothing as called wasting of time any failures you had in life. Every failure was a lesson for you. I grew stronger each day, to build up my character for the person I need to be in the future. Learning not to give up was one of the best lessons I had as well as learning to take actions (like Anthony Robbins said: take massive actions) during my days of dreams and inaction.