Financial Planning Strategies and Resources

Engaging in strategic financial planning can help you achieve personal wealth. Whether you want to build a retirement nest egg, purchase a vacation home, pay for your child’s college education or purchase investment property, financial planning is best way to reach your goals.

In today’s economy financial planning has never been more important. Unfortunately, many people falsely believe they do not possess enough money to save for the future. The truth of the matter is most people can set aside at least five dollars a week. It’s simply a matter of reviewing finances and making minor budget cuts.

People who are living paycheck to paycheck may want to consider obtaining credit counseling. Although most credit counselors charge a fee, there are several non-profit agencies that utilize a sliding scale to adjust fees for people with low incomes. Depending on income levels, some people can obtain credit counseling at no cost.

Many options are available to help people commence with financial planning. The Internet provides a wealth of educational resources to help consumers regain control of personal finances. Local libraries offer numerous money management books, along with home study investment courses.

The first step of

Reduce Debt with Online Debt Consolidation

Obviously the point of this article is to give a few tips on reducing debt. Let me start things off with a fantastic quote.

“There are plenty of ways to get ahead. The first is so basic I’m almost embarrassed to say it: spend less than you earn.” ~ Paul Clitheroe

I absolutely love this quote because of its simplicity. Hopefully we all see the most important part of it… It’s the last sentence. (And if you don’t for some reason, be sure to slap yourself up the backside of your head and say, “Doh!”, out loud… only when you get a chance though. Spend less than you earn. These 5 words should be tattooed on 80% of Americans’ forehead. Why? It’s so when Joe Blow goes to the restroom after throwing back 10 and a half beers, he sees a reminder in the mirror NOT to put the $50+ bill on his credit card. Not really BUT, It’s SO easy for the average American to live on credit.

So, the question, how do you reduce credit card debt? You reduce it by keeping your principal from increasing to Never-land and by paying off what

Starting a Business With High Performance Assessment

Starting a new business has a tremendous upside but there is an equal, if not higher, risk of failure and loss. As noted many times in our material, statistics show that 80% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. Due to this statistic, we stress a well designed and thought out business plan coupled with an enormous amount of research and planning and use of that data in the implementation of the start-up business.

Lately, life has been little better for existing businesses which are failing at an alarming rate. Of course this is due to the unique economic and banking conditions that currently exist. Most business owners have not experienced similar economic issues and could not recognize the signals prior to the damage. They kept operating as they always did, never stopped to evaluate the environment around them nor did they take timely action when the obvious was upon them.

When businesses come to us for consultation they expect an immediate answer to their problems. Yet they typically do not have an analysis of the situation for us to review, they just give us the symptom and request a solution. This is immediate

How to Make Your Finances Survive the Credit Crunch

I have put this guide together primarily because I am currently getting a lot of inquiries from people who are feeling the pinch from the credit crunch and they are asking for ways to get through it with the minimum of long term consequences. Now please understand that this is not a quick fix and it does take a lot of hard work and a great deal of sacrifice but if you are prepared for both then this will help. Remember we are a nation of borrowers and not savers and it is for this reason alone that we all find ourselves in this position.

First of all, without casting any aspersions on any particular person it has to be said, that getting your particular financial situation sorted, may be a little like being an alcoholic in so much as the first step is admitting you have a problem. The reason for this is if you can’t admit you have a problem you will not be able to properly implement the solution. Before you do anything detailed in this article you have to change the way that you spend. You have to stop spending money other than

Steps to Manage and Eliminate Your Debt

Is there a secret all knowing method to eliminating debt, no not really, but there are several smart techniques and methods that can assist you in eliminating your debts. First you must take a look at the amount of debt you have incurred since this will ultimately affect the length of the process. Regardless of the time it takes if implemented and stuck saw through these methods will help relieve you of your debt worries.

First an understanding of debt management. There are too many of us who live outside our means. We want the big screen television, the newest sports car, the latest electronic gadget but do we really need it? If we can learn to separate our wants from our needs then not only can we have more money available to help pay off debt, but we can also prevent ourselves from obtaining more debt.

Do you know what the common mistake is that most of us make its turning money into debt? Most of us when we get that raise we wanted or anything that puts extra money in our pocket immediately we start thinking about what we can spend it on. Let’s

End Bankruptcy Woes With a Fresh Start Loan

If your past financial circumstances left you with no choice other than to file bankruptcy, you may be working on rebuilding your credit file. Bankruptcy plummets your credit score down to the lower 400s, so the task at hand is not simple – but not impossible either. You can reestablish yourself as being creditworthy in a year or less with a fresh start loan.

A fresh start loan is a loan that most banks are more than happy to approve. You can be looking at credit scores of 700 or better in no time.

Fresh Start Loan Jump Starts Credit Rehab

When you take out a fresh start loan, you deposit an amount that is equal to the amount that you wish to borrow into an interest-bearing savings account with the bank or lending institution. The lender then loans you the amount that you deposited; you then make monthly payments on the loan until it is paid off. Your savings account is used as security on the loan.

The advantage of taking out a fresh start loan that is backed by a savings account is twofold. The loan not only works to improve your

Learning How to Plan and Achieve Your Goals

Many people would never take a road trip without a GPS or map, but often operate their lives without a plan or a goal. Just like in road trips, you need to take the time to plan, prioritize, and determine where you are going if you want to hit your destination. Without the plan or goal it is very easy to get off track with the distractions that show up in life. Having a plan helps to keep you focused on your goals and allows you to have an early warning when you are deviating from the path.

For example, if your destination is to become debt free, it is important to take time to develop a financial plan to help to get there. Part of a solid financial plan is a budget. This budget will help to keep you focused when you have your eye on that new dress, an unplanned concert ticket purchase, or even avoiding cooking dinner in favor of take out.

Although it sounds easy, sometimes it can be a little challenging to know exactly where and how to start. Therefore, I provided 5 tips that will help you learn how to